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At The R.J. Marshall Company we seek to make our customers successful by supplying innovative, quality focused products and services. Offering a broad base of products to both the cast polymer and composite market as well as the wire and cable industry, R.J. Marshall can service a full range of particulate solutions to manufactures for a variety of applications.

Products are available separately or in combination with guaranteed properties such as viscosity, gel time, and color. Special effect fillers and color particulates available as add-ins or blends. Also Spraylite filler systems for making high quality gel coated, acrylic, or laminated structures with benefits such as lowering resin consumption and reducing the amount of glass used.

Flame Retardants:
An extensive line of flame retardants and smoke suppressants including alumina trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide, zinc borate, zinc stannate, zinc hydroxystannate, antimony oxide, ammonium octamolybdate and molybdenum oxide. Our proprietary C-TEC product line is designed to be cost effective replacements of antimony trioxide and ammonium octamolybdate (AOM).