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Hadlock Plastics Corporation is a custom molder of reinforced thermoset composites. We offer a variety of molding processes to meet your requirements, and build inexpensive tooling for prototypes and short run production.

We provide you with the part designing, material specification, complete finishing and testing facilities for moderate to high volume runs. Hadlock Plastics: Fiberglass Molding, Fiberglass Plastic, Finishing, Prototypes, Mold Making, Painting, Adhesive Bonding,CNC Trim,Cold Molding.

Open mold, resin-transfer, or compression molding offer variations in meeting your critical needs for strength, high quality and low cost, over a wide volume range.
Class A finishes of uncommon quality, special machining, and final assembly is our way of letting you know we mean business when we say service.

Hadlock Plastics Corporation supplies high-quality reinforced plastic parts to the transportation, medical, data processing, communication, off-highway, agricultural, corrosion, film processing, aircraft, chemical processing, refrigeration, mass transit, laboratory and defense industries.