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A&P Technology is a seventh generation, family-owned, world-leading producer of precision braided fabrics. A&P s leadership is the result of commitment to its customers and an ethic of hard work and ingenuity. We have successfully combined these qualities with our modern facilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and industry-leading research and development capabilities.
A&P Technology has taken manufacturing technology to areas previously unthinkable through the in-house design and manufacture of the world s largest and most technologically advanced braiding machinery. This machinery includes a line of Megabraiders, the largest braiding machinery in the world, ranging from 172 carrier machines up to 800 carrier machines. The Megabraiders meet the composite designer s needs for braided reinforcements of large diameters with small unit cells.
The ability to design its braiding machinery in-house allows A&P to remain at the forefront of braiding technology. A&P's customers are offered the distinct advantage of customized products with a quick turnaround at the lowest possible costs. A&P s production braids are used in a variety of applications ranging from automobile side impact airbags to jet engine stator vanes to hockey sticks to prosthetics. Current R&D programs involve the use of braid in structures of unprecedented scale, such as jet engine fan cases, rocket nozzles and commercial transport airframes.