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McClean Anderson is a world leading manufacturer of filament winding equipment. Since 1961, McClean Anderson has contributed to the advancement of composites by providing innovative and cost-effective filament winding equipment solutions to customers worldwide.

We develop, manufacture and support a wide variety of advanced filament winding equipment with a proven track record for quality, service and price.

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Revolutionary New Software

Revolutionary New Software

SimWind is McClean Anderson`s answer to next generation fiber pattern development software for Flexwind control.

Its aesthetic, simple, and intuitive user interface guides the user in designing and modeling complex filament wound structures. The software is designed to cater to novice users who are looking for a quick and easy approach, as well as advanced users by providing them powerful tools to create, simulate and analyze. The software is supported for Windows 7 and up. The software supports a wide range of data formats to export and import mandrel and motion data, this gives the ability to create programs for complicated axis symmetric structures. Extensive technical support is available.
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