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Manufacturer of wet-laid non-wovens for light weight structured composites and integrated media for composite, filtration, friction and technical specialty markets. Toll saturation for ballistic applications and broad good woven & non-woven materials. Pilot paper machine manufacturing is available.

Customers come to Knowlton because we can remove their technical roadblocks. Knowlton has pioneered the manufacture of a broad range of composite webs utilizing wet-laid manufacturing machinery.

From high performance racing media and high-energy friction materials to high temperature composites and solvent based pre preg materials, Knowlton has state-of-the-art equipment and the research and development knowledge to meet your product requirements.

We develop and respect intellectual property and support it with a broad range of products, services and applications, including:

● Rapid prototyping & sample development
● Development of intellectual property and patents
● Saturation resin systems include phenolic, epoxy, PVA, PVOH, acrylics,
● Design, engineering and manufacture of wet-laid nonwovens.
● Fibers include: aramids, carbon, polyester, ceramics, cellulose, PET, chopped glass, mineral fibers, and thermoset fibers.
● Custom webs, veil media, composites, sheets, pre-forms, and prepregs
● Fire retardants, heat, noise and radio frequency shields/substrates
● Conductive and non-conductive media and webs.
● Porous, absorbent and anti-corrosive media
● Performance & filled composite media development
● Micro-glass media
● Toll saturation and pre-preging services