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C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. was founded in 1953 and is a leader in the development of carbon fiber systems. Litzler supplies Oxidation Ovens and Fiber Handling Machinery to carbon fiber manufacturers. Litzler brings 63 years of textile machinery and fiber experience for complete line integration including roll stands, tension stands, sizing, surface treatment and full line automation. Litzler offers both oxidation ovens and advanced plasma oxidation ovens.

Litzler offers composite manufacturers a unique new path to complete line integration using our engineered solutions. Litzler manufactures all types of Prepreg machinery: Solution, Hot Melt and Thermoplastic Systems. Components include: OPTI-FLOW ovens, unwinds, precision metering rolls, filmers, compaction roll sets, winders, and accumulators. COM-PREG™ pilot machines for Solution, Hot Melt and Thermoplastic applications.